Ready to go

The device is pre-configured. You plug it in. It works. Fully automatic. A Wi-Fi hotspot is also on board and allows you to share the Internet connection.

Automatic transmission

The data is automatically transferred as soon as you start or charge your car - and no longer if you don't. No manual intervention necessary.

Transparent & environmentally conscious

All software is open source with a great community. PlugAndPlay is sent climate-neutral. Filling materials and an inclusive sticker with the EVNotify logo are also environmentally friendly. A tree is also planted with each device (donation to organization).

Continuous updates

You benefit from future updates, bug fixes and implementations of new functions.

Synchronized at any time - with any device

Across every platform

No matter where you are - no matter which device you use. You can view your data at any time with any device remotely with your account. Within the browser or the mobile app.

without GPS


Sold out

with GPS


Sold out

Markus S.

Just plug it in and you have all the information you need

Veit S.

My order for the PnP was carried out quickly. Commissioning was very easy, everything is well described in the instructions. I can finally monitor the charging of my Kia e-Niro. The recording of driving data including GPS position works great. I give 5 stars.

Martin N.

The charge status and GPS recording work fine!

Here you can pay directly via the website via bank transfer.
The order is valid for a private person for one PlugAndPlay device. For company inquiries or inquiries in larger quantities, please contact us in advance.
After the purchase request, an invoice will be created and sent, which must be paid by bank transfer.
Due to high PayPal fees and due taxes, it is no longer possible to pay with PayPal.
Our goal is to offer PlugAndPlay as cheaply as possible, which unfortunately can only be guaranteed in this way.
Delivery to Germany and all EU countries is currently possible!
Delivery to EU is included in the purchase price shown.
For EU shipping please use .
For shipping to Germany please use .
Since the new PlugAndPlay devices have been completely redesigned and developed, the delivery time currently varies greatly, as they also have to be manufactured individually. The delivery time is currently approx. 4 to 6 weeks due to the global situation.
If all components are available, your order can arrive much earlier.
You will then also receive more information by email.
All devices are pre-configured. All you need is your own SIM card with internet access (without PIN lock), which is inserted into the LTE stick supplied. Then you plug the device into the OBD2 port of your car.
That's it! If you switch on your car or charge it, your data will be synchronized after a short time.
Das Gerät startet automatisch und schaltet ab, wenn Du das Auto ausmachst und nicht The device starts automatically and switches off when you switch off the car and no longer charge it. Easy isn't it?
With the access data printed on the device, you can log in at any time via Web interface or Android- / iOS App.
In general, there are currently two variants - one with and one without GPS. GPS enables drives to be recorded, including location tracking, so that you can later see in the logs where you have charged or where you have driven.
The variant without GPS currently does not allow any driving logs (possibly in the future, but then without location information).
The following vehicles are currently supported:
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric
  • Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Kia e-Niro
Not every car necessarily has the same data. Some data could be added in the future. Furthermore, some data may be unstable, but this should be fixed in future updates if this is the case.
Since PlugAndPlay devices have a mechanism to only transfer data when this is necessary (vehicle is not off), only as much data as possible is transferred. Over time, however, this adds up, even if a single synchronization only requires a few bytes of data.
The GPS variant also transmits the location at short intervals, so that there is a lot more data traffic.
However, it should work fine even with the internet throttled.
Please note, however, that a sufficiently strong internet connection is still necessary in order to be able to transfer data reliably.
The consumption depends essentially on the frequency of use, e.g. how long and how much is driven or charged.
Unfortunately, you cannot do this for data protection and warranty reasons. The devices are pre-configured with a new account.